With a festival as big as this one it can be a little tricky finding your way, so to help you make it through we’ve put together a few paths you could take!

So dive into the mud with us and take a journey through Spectacular Spectaculars, Alternate Futures//Different Pasts, Boss Women, Apocalyptic Visions and Torches in the Dark. 


Spectacular Spectaculars

These works will blow you away with their scope and energy. Come along for a good time and to sit back and be entertained.



  • The Univerisity of Melbourne Musical Theatre Association is presenting The Sitzprobe, a showcase of new musical theatre works! Backed by a stunning orchestra who will be playing never-before-heard arrangements, their stellar cast will transport you to the worlds of 8 completely original musicals.
  • Mudstock, the Mudfest band night, will give you something to boogie to! With three fantastic bands lined up, this is one not to be missed.
  • The Big Screen will showcase ALL the Mudfest short films. So save some coin with this bundle deal and dive into some popcorn. If you love cutting edge student filmmaking, or just going to the movies in general, come along to this cinematic event!





Alternate Futures // Different Pasts

These works offer a glimpse at what could be to come. They imagine what could be or may have been.

Image for 'Conscious of Earth'



  • Conscious of Earth written by Tori Ball, directed by Freya McGrath. Conscious of Earth is an immersive, interactive tour. It is an exploration of a possible future where life forms, either produced from cyber technology or from other planets or universes, are now a part of normal human life.
  • SCUM presented by Melbourne University Shakespeare Company. SCUM is bad Shakespeare. SCUM is wrong Shakespeare. SCUM is anti-shakespeare, un-shakespeare, re-shakespeare. SCUM looks backwards and forwards at the same time to create something new.
  • Lara Navarro‘s The Woman Speaks is exhibition in The Lurid World. In it, she rewrites the stories of our histories from the women’s perspectives. This work allows them a voice, allows them to speak, to tell their tales. These are not the stories you have been told.

Boss Women

These works look at experiences of woman hood and all that entails. Some offer resistance, some offer hope. All offer insight.

Image for 'Pillow Talk'


  • adrift in my ocean of sugar tears is a piece that discusses the paradoxes of being a successful modern woman, the relationship that women have with themselves along with other women and the consequences of feeling you have to be something you don’t want to be. Written and directed By Adelaide Greig.
  • Pillow Talk is a piece of highly collaborative, devised theatre that seeks to explore the private and personal ways in which women discuss their experience of patriarchal violence. Pillow Talk attempts to explore the ways in which smaller, quieter moments of resistance can be more powerful than grand statements and gestures. Lead and directed by Alice Wheaton and Alex Culshaw.
  • Amie Green‘s Soft Spaces, presented in The Lurid World, discusses the spatial relations of women’s bodies, both physically and conceptually. In the Western art canon, women are mere images, objects that represent patriarchal ideas of control and desire. Soft spaces is a study of ekphrasis, it examines the notion of distance; the vast distance women have to images of real women in art, and the lack of distance a spectator has to women’s personal space.
  • Serena Cowie‘s diptych Jeune and Joli, also presented in The Lurid World, utilises classical styles of painting to highlight ongoing tensions of gender inequality within contemporary culture. In response the lack of recognised female influence within individual art movements, the female subjects gaze defiantly upon the modern world.


Apocalyptic Visions

These works take the futures we fear and imagine how it may be to live among them.

  • From a collaboration between DJ, producer and Classical Musician Ruby Willis and writer, visual artist and founder of Eat if you are Hungry zine Eleanor Evans-McCooey, comes What makes you stay up at night; Let it out. By asking the question, ‘what are you afraid of?” the pair aims to talk openly about personal fears as a means to both understand and dilute the hold these fears can have on our lives.
  • The Bunker, written and directed by Joshua Trappett. After a devastating world changing event, two sisters find themselves trapped in a basement with only each other and an emergency radio broadcast for company. To each of the sisters the bunker is both a place of safety and a prison, and, in their attempts to preserve and escape respectively, they end up destroying more than they can save.
  • The Apocalypse Tapes, written by James Macaronas, directed by Arthur Knight. Inside – nothing to trust. Outside – everything to fear. Between them, in the pitch darkness, is a mass of tapes that chronicle the anomaly of the world before it was even over. Scraps and ruminations echo out of the television. As the barrier between real and pretend begins to wear thin, one question eclipses all others … is this the end? Or is the apocalypse only going to get stranger


Torches in the Dark

These works find hope at the times we most need it.They explore how it is we keep going, and what it is that means we continue to get out of bed every morning.

  • Self Preservation, written by Scout Boxall, directed by Karla Livingstone-Pardy and Madeleine Kerr. Self Preservation is a play about the complicated relationship that folks with a chronic illness have with the medication that keeps them alive. In Self Preservation, taking medication becomes a radical act of self-care that proclaims: this life, my life – I – am worth living for.
  • Lief Chan‘s Scars, presented in The Lurid World, is symbolic of the emotional capacity of humans to find hope within a dark world. The four paintings, Wings, Lotus, Stars, and Koi show
    injured and suffering subjects however, under the glow of the black light, hidden images of hope appear where there was once pain and hurt.
  • In Songs I Sing When I’m Sad, Sasha Chong, part time musician and full time Certified Sad Person™, takes us on a musical journey through (the interesting parts) of her life and (none of the interesting parts) of her musical theatre addiction. Join in as she overshares with covers and original songs that got her through her worst moments.
  • Dance is a uniquely powerful artform. We see it in the electricity of Billy Elliot, the mania of Flashdance and the fierce energy of Footloose. Dancing helps us to break out and break free. It inspires and emboldens us. Importantly, dance brings us together. The 12 Hour Dance Project will see Freya McGrath dance for 12 hours on the Friday of Mudfest, so come join her, tap her out, or simply look on in awe.