Jasmine Iona is a nineteen year-old musician, writer and artist currently living in Melbourne, Australia. A passionate creator across a multitude of artistic disciplinesJasmine’s true passion lies in entangling familiar themes of love, loss and continuity to explore the beauty and stagnancy of life in a coastal town. Her fascination with the ocean is manifested in her synth-layered soundscapes and flowing poetic verse, drawing on influences Tori Amos, The National, and Lana Del Rey for inspiration. Whilst her homespun recordings linger on a bittersweet nostalgia for clumsy firsts and familiar streets, her artwork divulges ainsatiable yearning for the new and otherworldly – from men made of skyscrapers to girls with blossoms for bones.

Above Water Illustrators Gallery

Artist at Work: Above Water illustrator, Jasmine Iona