Approachable Members of Your Local Community is a new 7-piece indie rock/neo-soul band out of Melbourne. Only a handful of months old, Approachable Members already have a live set – stacked full of original compositions – ready to share with Mudfest attendees. Currently in a writing, recording and producing phase; the band has some exciting new tracks that they are eager to debut at the festival on the 24th of August. Taking inspiration from Winston Surfshirt, Mac DeMarco and Vulfpeck, the band takes these sounds, adds their smooth horn section and creates a fresh, captivating sound brand. Their iconic tag-line “Stay Approachable” and their tongue-in-cheek social media presence has gained them what seems to be an already devoted fan base. The band aims to release an EP early next year with many of the tracks that will be played at their Mudfest gig set to be on the album.