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The Big Screen

August 26, 2017 @ 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Calling all cinephiles! Role up, Role up!


The The Big Screen Movie Gala Night is calling you for a screening like no other! Come along and witness the fantastic works of both our squad of incredible filmmakers and wickedly resourceful teams from the Mobile Minutes film festival on the big screen! Like any good cinema experience, the popcorn will be flowing and drinks will be available at the bar. If you love cutting edge student filmmaking, or just going to the movies in general, come along to this cinematic event!

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Introducing NASTY

In a society that teaches women to come up with their own defenses instead of teaching men to not harass them, NASTY inc saw an opportunity to breakthrough in the self-defense industry by introducing the world’s first ever non-refill non-electrical self-defense weapon for women (and non-binary people) everywhere.

Temple of Dignified Grief

TEMPLE is a series of video portraits looking at the specific ways individuals process or cope with grief. Inspired by funerary processes in Ancient Greece, TEMPLE asks people to remember the actions they undertook in a time of mourning, to be able to comprehend the experience of loss.

Written and Directed by Amy Spurgeon


Lens is a psychological sci-fi short film set within the walls of a totalitarian school governed by the Federation. The Federation is set on creating a supreme race through stamping out the old ways of thinking and anyone who challenges its superiority. To neutralise the threats of the old mankind, experiments must be conducted and the criminals exterminated. You dare not break the rules!

Written and Directed by Ryan Ketchley


If it could, what would a computer think? Would it feel? Mobius is a sci-fi drama that follows a computer science student focused on creating the ‘perfect’ Artificial Intelligence. Yet what are the limits to such innovation? The artificial to the natural? Or the creator to its creation? Perhaps the only limit to success is time and the future itself.

Directed by Laetitia Djaja

Story by Samuel Xu

Day in Day out

This is an experimental work that explores the theme of perspective.
Three versions of the same scenes have been filmed and edited to provoke different reactions from the viewer.
Our perspective of the world affects how we feel about our lives.
Experiment conceived of and lead by Rebecca Poynton

Absolutely speaking

Introverted adolescent, Alfy suffers from self-imposed guilt for not doing more to fix the world. In order to purge himself of his own guilt, he tries to fix a man he runs into who isn’t exactly the most moral character. This action all takes place within the frame of a conversation between Alfy and his friend, as Alfy tries to decipher some meaning in the events of the story. What follows is mixture of satire and sentiment surrounding how one should act when faced with the moral dilemma of benevolence.

Written and Directed by Finnian Griffin

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August 26, 2017
6:00 pm - 8:00 pm
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