Award winners!

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Thank you to everyone who came out for our closing night party, and a big congratulations to our amazing awards winners!

Here is the full run down of who won what and why:

Theatre Awards

The Breakout Award

This is a professional development award for one artist or group ready to break out of the student theatre community into the wider Melbourne Arts scene.
PRIZE: $500 to go towards Melbourne Fringe Registration in 2018

Awarded to: The University of Melbourne Musical Theatre Association (UMMTA) for The Sitzprobe

They produced 8 snippets of brand new musical theatre works and absolutely blew us away with their professionalism and the sheer scope of what they achieved.

The Creative Development Award

Image for 're_script5.2'This award is for one artist or group who embraced a challenge. They will have displayed professionalism and creativity during development, and the festival as a whole.
PRIZE: A free week-long slot in Union House Theatre’s Semester 1 program in 2018 in the Guild Theatre.

Awarded to: Cheryl Ho and Ng Sze Min for Re_script5.2

This unconventional work gave audiences an experience like no other, and we can’t wait to see what they produce next

The Outside the Box Award

Image for 'Pillow Talk'

This award is a theatre-based work that was particularly experimental or groundbreaking.
PRIZE: A free slot in La Mama’s Explorations, 5th-7th December

Awarded to: Alice Wheaton and Alex Culshaw for Pillow Talk.

These theatre makers created an incredible special experience for their small audiences in an unconventional space. The took constricting parameters and worked within them to create something truly moving.


The Artist In Proximity Award

Image for 'Out of Character'Awarded to an artist for engaging their audience in a tight-knit performance.
PRIZE: A free season at The Butterfly Club

Awarded to: Cristina Well’s for Out of Character

Cristina created a one-woman powerhouse show that crossed genres and forms and blew us away with her commitment, bravery, and talent.



The Working Writer’s Award

Image for 'Citrus'Awarded to a writer for an outstanding new script.
PRIZE: $300 to go towards paying yourself for future time spent writing

Awarded to: Cera Maree Brown for Citrus.

Cera’s audio piece (with biscuits) used the form in interesting ways to create one of the most affecting pieces in the festival. It was humbling and a pleasure to experience.



Music Awards

The Innovative Artist Award

Awarded to the artist with an act that creatively integrates other artistic elements and/or tech; one that presents a unique perspective evocative of the festival’s themes.
PRIZE: A double pass to Speak Percussion’s ‘Assembly Operation’ at Arts House 6-9th September, and Senheiser HD380 Pro Studio Monitoring Headphones

Awarded to: Connor Ross, Evie Matthews, Zac Hamilton-Russel, Jeremy Yau, Chloe Dallas, Jakab Bailey, and Junyi Junyi for Attunement.

They tried something completely different, improvising music and dance together to create spellbinding performances.

The Artist Makes Waves Award

Image for 'Approachable Members of Your Local Community'

Awarded to the artist with the best live pacing, stage presence and entertainment. A performer that gets the audience going and has a talent for rousing up the house.
PRIZE: $300 to go towards next studio recording, and a double pass to More Up A Tree at Melbourne Fringe

Awarded to: Approachable Members of Your Local Community.

They drew a crowd and got everybody dancing, working under tough conditions to pull of a great show.


The Breakout Award

Image for 'Last Minute'Awarded to the artist that has staged an inspiring set, exhibiting a commitment to creative lyricism and musicality.
PRIZE: SM58 Microphone and a 2 hour songwriting workshop with Charles Jenkins

Awarded to: Last Minute

This group put in huge amounts of effort to grow their set and rise to the challenges set by Mudfest, and we are so excited to see where they go next!

Moving Image Awards

The Going Pro Award

Image for 'Mobius'Awarded to the filmmaker who took their art to extremes.
PRIZE: GoPro Hero4 Session Waterproof Video Action Camera

Awarded to: Laetitia Djaja for Mobius

This film’s take on the relationship between its protagonist and the artificial intelligence program he creates took storytelling to the extreme.



The Visionary Award

Image for LensAwarded to a director whose technical vision is both compelling and most cohesive with the story they are trying to tell.
PRIZE: Swann Raptor Eye Quadcopter

Awarded to: Ryan Ketchley for Lens.

The dystopian world created in Lens had us squirming in our seats. Drawing on strong technical foundations, this film truly transported us.


The Working Screenwriter’s Award

Image for 'Absolutely Speaking'To a writer who’s script that spoke volumes in this dark and frightening world.
PRIZE: ACMI Membership, a copy of Fade In Professional Screenwriting Software, and a $250 cash prize to pay yourself for hours spent working on future scripts

Awarded to: Finnian Griffin for Absolutely Speaking

Finnian’s writing took apart a moral dilemma through conversation, offering not only well developed characters but meaty conundrums as well.

Visual Arts Awards

The Emerging Artist Award

Image for The Lurid WorldFor an artist who is ready to enter the Melbourne art scene.
PRIZE: A free solo exhibition in the George Paton Gallery, 4 entries paid for the Linden Postcard Show, a ticket to the Artist Speakeasy workshop ‘How to promote and write about your art’ and a mentored workshop on how to write an exhibition proposal.

Awarded to: Haydn Allen for Breakfast Dancing and Steel Rake

Haydn’s commitment to accessibility and sustainability through his work shone through, and his professionalism and enthusiasm throughout Mudfest showed he is ready to go on to the next stage in his art career.

The Artist Studio Boost Award

For an artist who experimented and challenged themselves with new mediums and ideas while responding to the Mudfest theme.
PRIZE: A professional artist easel and an Eckersley’s gift voucher for $250.

Awarded to: Hui Qin Chan for United Branches

Hq showed incredible bravery in allowing Mudfest to expand the scope of her work. She challenged herself and created something beautiful.

The Working Artist Award

For an artist whose practice captured the theme of Mudfest and strongly integrated the festival values of accessibility and sustainability in their work.
PRIZE: $600 to cover the costs of setting up a website using Artsphere, a Melbourne-based website platform for artists and galleries.

Awarded to: Marley Holloway-Clarke for Home

Marley was very involved in the festival and went above and beyond in her arts practice, integrating accessibility and using found objects to create a beautiful piece.

Festival Awards

The Access Award

Image for 'Self Preservation'For an artist or group that has demonstrated outstanding commitment to accessibility in their creative practice.
PRIZE: $1000 to go towards future access measures

Awarded to: Scout Boxall, Karla Livingstone-Pardy and Madeleine Kerr for Self Preservation

This group were committed to access from the get go. They had already allocated funds in their budget towards access when they applied, and ended up incorporating Auslan interpreting, audio description, and captioning into their work. Their content also spoke to themes related to access, and all together they had an open and committed approach.

The Sustainability Award

Image for 'Paper Making with Tori Adams'For an artist or group that has demonstrated outstanding commitment to sustainability in their creative practice.
PRIZE: $500 to go towards an organisation working for sustainability or climate change action

Awarded to: Tori Adams for Soak

Tori was committed to using sustainable practices, making her own paper and natural dies for her work. Sustainable thinking was an integral part of her process, which resulted in a piece that was both beautiful and striking.



The Boss Woman Award

Established in 2015, this award responds to the persistent gender gap in the arts industry by acknowledging the emotional labour and management skills provided by women, which often go unrecognised. This award goes to a woman-identified artist who has gone above and beyond, demonstrating unflagging generosity, integrity and commitment.
PRIZE: $300 to do with as she wishes, and two double passes to Glittery Clittery  & How to Kill the Queen of Pop 

Awarded to: Nat Montalto and Mel O’Brien for their work on UMMTA’s The Sitzprobe.

These two women remained calm in the face of adversity, and acted with professionalism and care throughout the festival. They lead the production of one of the largest shows whilst never failing to be a pleasure to work with.

Wait! We’re not finished…

There were so many works in the festival that simply blew us away, so we added some awards to recognise their efforts:

The Commitment Award

Image for '12 Hour Dance Project'

Awarded to: Freya McGrath for The 12 Hour Dance Project

Freya was embedded in Mudfest in ways unlike many others. Artistic Director of a company that produced 3 works in Mudfest (Four Letter Word Theatre), director of one of those (Conscious of Earth), she still made time to dance from 9am-9pm on the Friday of the festival. Freya truly committed to the bit, and in doing so brought joy, laughter, and dance to Mudfest.

Prize: $100


The New Frontiers Award

Mudcrabs Gallery Image


Awarded to: Mudcrabs for the Mudcrabs Gallery

This comedy group branched out into a completely new medium – visual arts. They ran a gallery for three days of the festival, and provided many with a solid chuckle, giggle, and guffaw.

Prize: $100


The Future Projects Award

Image for 'Adrift in my Ocean of Sugar Tears'


Awarded to: Adelaide Greig for adrift in my ocean of sugar tears

Adelaide greatly impressed us with her writing and directing, and her strong track record in the unimelb student theatre scene made us want to see her keep going!

Prize: $100 to go towards future projects


The Risk Takers Award



Awarded to: Melbourne University Shakespeare Company (MUSC) for SCUM

MUSC produced 6 brand new works for Mudfest that were decidedly anti-shakespeare. They brought new faces into a part of the student theatre community that has often been only old ones, and took a risk on risk-taking works.

Prize: $200


The Further Development Award

Image for 'The Apocalypse Tapes'


Awarded to: The Apocalypse Tapes

This work broke the form and used sound to create an audio landscape that was striking and affecting. We would love to see the writer, James Macaronas, continue work on this piece.

Prize: $200


That’s all folks

Special thanks to those that donated prizes for the awards!

And thanks so much to everyone who made something, saw something, and volunteered.

This festival would not be a festival without you.

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