For students, by students.

Mudfest is a festival supported and organised by the University of Melbourne Student Union (UMSU) Creative Arts Department. This festival could not happen without the support of the UMSU staff, in particular Susan Hewitt, Tony Ennis, and Sophia Sourris for helping us navigate all the twists and turns on this huge learning experience. Special thanks to Petra Kalive for her unflappable patience, and the entire Union House Theatre team, Clynton Jones, Gus Macdonald, Kellie Jayne Chambers, Christa Jonathan, Bella Vadiveloo and Jim Stenson for being family. Also to Sandie Bridie and Alice Mathieu for their expertise and time, Clint Small for his enthusiasm and support, and to Goldie and Carolyn for not batting an eye every time we ask for something at the last minute. Thanks also to Dee Jarrett and the UMSU communications team for all their support. You all held our hands through this ride and we will always be grateful.

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